Read our story in the ‘Daily Record’

You can now read about the campaign to Reinstate Richie Venton and Reinstate Sick Workers’ Wages in the Daily Record (published 28/08/2020).

“Changes to working conditions at IKEA in the UK will see many workers relying on statutory sick pay of only £95 a week if they have coronavirus or have to self-isolate.”

“Staff at its Glasgow store claim sick workers will feel pressured into coming to work, putting colleagues and customers at risk.”

“The changes, set to kick in next month, mean even IKEA’s UK employees with perfect attendance will only be entitled to their wages for the first 10 days of sickness – short of the corona self-isolation period of two weeks.”

“A penalty points system dictates that if they have been absent more than twice in the previous year, they will go straight on to statutory sick pay.”

“Employee Richie Venton, a trade union rep for the USDAW shopworkers’ trade union at IKEA’s store at Braehead, was fired after bosses said he “breached confidentiality” by ­forewarning staff of the changes before it was announced by ­managers.”

Click here to read more in the Daily Record:

Published by ReinstateRichieVenton

A campaign page set up by Glasgow IKEA workers furious at the victimisation and sacking of our elected USDAW shop steward, Richie Venton, and the attacks on our rights and conditions, including removal of wages from workers off sick with Covid-19. Demand that IKEA immediately reinstates elected union shop steward and convener RICHIE VENTON to his job and elected union position. Support the campaign for every worker to be paid their full average wages if they are sick or self-isolating with COVID-19 - instead of the poverty of £95 Statutory Sick Pay forcing workers to take risks and infect others by going to work.

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